The Pichot estate has been in our family since 1770.

Christophe and Caroline Pichot, the latest generation, create wines with strong personalities in small luxury series rather than large quantities of average wines, respecting and developing tradition through positive actions, such as sustainable viticulture, tilling and green cover.

Time-honoured craftsmanship

The Coteau de la Biche estate has been in the Dattée-Troupeau family since 1770 (3 hectares of vines and a vast cellar).


The estate is expanded with the addition of a 1.5-hectare vineyard owned by René Besnard, the son-in-law of Grandma Datée.


Gérard Pichot marries René Besnard's daughter and expands the Coteau de la Biche vineyard to include 6 hectares of vines.


Jean-Claude (son of Gérard Pichot and the unnamed lucky partner above!) and Danielle Pichot buy a house and 10-hectare vineyard. Peu de la Moriette is thus born!


Christophe Pichot buys an 8-hectare vineyard in a single block in the magnificent terroir of Le Marigny.


Jean-Claude and Christophe establish a company bringing these three vineyards together under the name Domaine Pichot.


A cellar is built on the Coteau de la Biche family estate, with a stainless-steel vat room (1,500 hl) and temperature-control system.


Purchase of a specific sprayer for biodynamics, a dynamizer and a teapot.


Purchase of 30 barrels of 300 liters and 3 FROST 59 anti-freeze towers.


Purchase of a bottle waxing machine and a capper for Magnums. Louis PICHOT comes to work at the Domaine (vinification and marketing)

Depuis 2000,

2009 : The cellar is extended and fitted with a top-of-the-range Bucher tangential flow filtration system and bottling unit (corks, screw caps and bottling) from Costral (to ensure we have control over the entire process).

2010 : The former labelling hall is turned into a tasting hall where Caroline Pichot receives clients.

2011 : Investment in an automatic disgorging system from TDD, helping further improve the quality of disgorgement.

2013 : The estate is extended again with a 2.5-hectare plot in Coteau de la Biche.

2014 : A new tractor is purchased for mowing in between vine rows, which is also equipped with hydraulic blades for cutting the grass underneath rows.

2015 : A second labelling machine is bought for "Traditional Method" bottles.


Two 32-hectolitre stainless-steel vats are bought for the Clos Cartaud and Close Berger cuvées.


A new tractor is bought for ploughing the vines.


New 300-litre barrels are bought for new cuvées.


HEV certification Level 3 for the entire estate.

Brut Traditional Method

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