High Environmental Value

As social and environmental issues have always been a key concern for us, we use viticultural techniques that respect the terroir. Tilled entirely by hand throughout the year, our vineyard is home to a rich biodiversity that reflects the good condition of our soils and attests to the ecological effectiveness of our methods. This business approach, which has now been in place for many years, enabled us to obtain High Environmental Value certification in Spring 2019.

What is the difference between HEV and Agriculture Biologique (Organic Farming)?

Firstly, Agriculture Biologique (AB) certification certifies a product, whereas HEV certifies an entire estate. Furthermore, although the specifications for AB certification are more specific, they do not include any requirements in terms of results, while High Environmental Value requires checks every three years on soil health and biodiversity in the vineyard. HEV therefore has the advantage of guaranteeing real results that prove the real benefits of business strategies.

AB certification prohibits, for example, use of certain plant protection products, while HEV permits rational, justified, strictly managed and controlled use. These controls include analysis of growing records (showing that the products used are monitored) and visits to the vineyard to ensure the presence of a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.



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