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Magical Chenin!

Should the weather give its blessing, a great love story between man and grape inevitably begins with the most divine of nectars.

To create a glass filled with this emotion, simply add and ferment lots of good sense, an almost obsessive respect for Mother Nature and a poetic heart.

“ At the estate, we perfect and sculpt the Chenin grape variety like an artist creating their ultimate masterpiece. ”

Christophe and Caroline Pichot

Our history

The Pichot estate has been in our family since 1770.

“Christophe and Caroline Pichot, the latest generation, create wines with strong personalities in small luxury series rather than large quantities of average wines, respecting and developing tradition through positive actions, such as sustainable viticulture, tilling and green cover.”

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Dry, demi-sec (medium-dry), medium-sweet, sweet, brut, traditional method...


The terroir

Our 28-hectare vineyard stretches across the village of Vouvray, ten kilometres east of Tours on the right bank of the Loire. The vines, which are around 30 years old on average, are planted exclusively with Chenin Blanc.


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